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Our Story

Claxon Actuaries International was established by actuaries who saw opportunities in specialised fields and new market segments. We specialise in the provision of cost effective actuarial and business solutions for clients covering small, medium, and large ogrnanisations in financial services and other industries. Our Actuaries and Consultants have decades of experience and expertise in both local and international markets. The passion for quality results inspires Claxon Actuaries International to follow a strong set of professional standards, principles, work ethics, and commitment to deliver reliable solutions.

We are not just actuaries, but actuaries with a human touch!

Our dedicated teams comprise of creative problem solvers who embrace the use of cutting-edge technology and data Analytics to ensure provision of the best results. Our objective is to provide
personalised practical solutions aimed at addressing practical and unique challenges of each client through continuous and deliberate engagement.

Mission, Vision and Statement

Our Mission

The Company’s mission is to maximise productivity of our clients’ businesses by providing quality and customised actuarial and business solutions efficiently and effectively. At the core of Claxon Actuaries’ offering is actuarial and business expertise, data analytics capabilities, innovative approaches to solving problems, and tech-savviness which enables tailored solutions to be delivered in the most effective and efficient way to the client.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a partner of choice to organisations seeking sustainable solutions to the practical challenges they face
through building long term relationships and partnerships with our clients that are based on our understanding of their business
and needs.

The ability to build robust partnerships with clients as well as continuously getting better at what we do sets us apart.

Some of our clients and partners

Some of our clients and partners include the following:

…and many more

Partner with Claxon Actuaries International to get cutting edge actuarial services from experienced personnel with a human touch – because our business is with people!