Insurers and reinsurers consulting

  • IFRS 17 implementation and reviews
  • Risk Based Capital management and reporting
  • Financial Condition Assessment and Reporting
  • Statutory and Management Actuarial Valuations
  • Assessing Quality of Data Systems
  • Experience Investigations
  • Product Design, Reviews and Pricing
  • Management Training Services
  • Business planning, development, and support


Health Insurance

  • Product design and pricing
  • Solvency projections
  • Profitability analysis
  • Risk management
  • Reinsurance analysis and optimization
  • Peer Reviews


Bank Risk management and Analytics

  • Credit Scorecard Development
  • IFRS9-Credit Risk Modelling assignments
  • IFRS15- Revenue from Contracts with Customers
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Market Risk Management
  • Balance Sheet Management
  • Basel and Capital Framework Compliance
  • Bank Strategy, Governance and Regulation
  • Customer and Product Profitability analytics
  • Design and Pricing of Banking Products
    (Credit and Non-Credit Related)
  •  Pricing of derivative products.


Health Insurance Consulting for providers

  • Assessing Quality of Data Systems
  • Estimation of Technical Provisions-Actuarial
  • Experience Investigations
  • Product Designing, Reviews and Pricing
  • Product design and pricing
  • Statutory actuarial valuations
  • Solvency projections
  • Profitability analysis
  • Risk management
  • Reinsurance analysis and optimization
  • Peer Reviews


Pension and employee benefits

  • Actuarial valuations and financial reviews
  • Pension plan restructuring
  • IAS 19 valuations
  • Risk management
  • Projected replacement ratio calculations
  • Trustee and management training
  • Scheme conversions and transfers
  •  Cash value of pensions
  • Bulk annuity transfers


Enterprise Risk Management

  • Measurement and Management of Financial
  • Own Risk Solvency Assessment
  • Risk governance and strategy
  • Frameworks and policy setting
  • Reporting systems and processes reviews
  • Manage quantitative and qualitative risk
  • Developing risk identification tools
  • Design risk monitoring tools
  • Capital requirement and optimisation calculations
  • Board training
  • Specification of risk roles and responsibilities


Data and analytics

  • Model development and calibration (including
    machine learning)
  • Business intelligence support
  • Parameterization and predictive analytics
  • Business process optimization automation
  • Data warehousing
  • Fraud detection
  • Dashboarding
  • Reporting


Digital transformation

  • Intelligent process automation to improve
    and manage performance
  • Enterprise integration
  • Information governance, data privacy and
    cyber security
  • Design of digital friendly products
  • Customer insights based on analytics
  • Product and service augmentation including
    transition from physical to digital platform
  • Risk optimisation and enhanced corporate



  • Loss of income/earnings
  • Loss of support
  • Calculation of past and future medical expenses
  • Maintenance claims (deceased estates/
    divorce matters)
  • Calculations in respect of loss of profits,
    breach of contract, etc
  • Living annuity calculations
  • Expert witness in court
  • Personal Injury and 3rd
  • Party Liability claims


Investment Advisory

  • Investment Policy Statement development
  • Asset Liability Modelling
  • Investment Manager Selection
  • Multi asset class portfolio construction
  • Performance measurement and monitoring
  • Investment risk management and governance


Alternative Assets Investment Advisory

  • Real estate investment advisory
  • Infrastructure investment advisory
  • Impact investing advisory
  • Private Debt Fund design and advisory
  • Private Equity Fund design and advisory


Project Finance Structuring Advisory

  • Financial modelling and analysis
  • Determining debt and equity structures
  • Determining credit enhancement structures
  • Project financial risk management


IFRS 17 and other accounting standards

  • End to end IFRS 17 implementation
  •  Infrastructure and operational gap analysis.
  • Product classification and documentation
  •  Accounting systems and processes
  •  Actuarial valuation systems
  •  Quantity and quality of data collected


Corporate actuarial consulting

We provide services to providers of employee
benefits, focused on valuing and managing
balance sheet liabilities, in the form of:

  • Analysis of DB obligation life cycles
  • Customized financial risk mitigation
  • End to end implementation of risk mitigation solutions
  • Monitoring and reporting on obligations of and
  • Alignment of corporate solutions with benefit
    consulting services and actuarial solutions.


Actuarial Analytics

  • Profitability and Experience Analysis
  • Mortality and Longevity Analysis
  • Disability Inception and Termination Analysis
  • Structural Analysis of Claims, Events and Losses
  • Excel financial model refactoring to models like R and Python to improve efficiency.


Capital Management for Insurance Companies and Banks

  • Efficient deployment of capital
  • Communication of elements of investment
    strategy to board
  • Return on equity
  • Asset allocation
  •  Reinsurance structuring
  • Debt/Equity management
  • Solvency assessment and management (ORSA)
  • Business Planning


Public & Private Company Valuations For:

  • Sale or purchase of businesses
  • Financial Reporting
  • Restructurings
  • Share buy-backs
  • Empowerment Transactions
  • Deceased Estates



  • Actuarial research
  • Investment research
  • Market & Competitor industry research and
  • Research data collection and analysis
  • Research workshops for information sharing

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